How To Deal With The Stress Of Management

Taking on more responsibility at the workplace usually indicates that one is put under more stress, and this is what happens as you advance into a management position. If you are to be successful, you have to know how to deal with stress and this can be difficult especially when you are managing other people for the first time. The pressure can seem to come from all over the place; from more senior managers whom you report to and also from staff that you are in command of. It is a key leadership skill to be able to thrive in these situations and if you can accomplish that, you are going to have a greater chance of long term success.

A core skill that you need to strive to excel at early on is result-focused planning, while targeting the important tasks that need attention from you. In this respect, you must know how to delegate work and also make sure that individuals within your team are not counting on you to the extent that you have no time to manage properly. The members of your team should always feel that they can rely on you for help, but they also need to respect your judgment as to the how and when of it. You may have to educate your staff to your thinking on this matter, as well as call on more experienced and senior staff to provide help where they are able to.

It is expected that you will sometimes be called on to make decisions that your staff members do not like, although the causes may be beyond your control. A hard situation could then crop up, where you have to fix issues with workers who feel hard done by. If you are open with people and give them the facts, you will gain more respect and if you accept that what you have to say will not always be popular then there is no need for you to spend a long time worrying about it. It is important not to obsess with any conflict and once you have resolved it, you have to move on and forget about any strong words that may have been said at the time.

If you are working too long hours that is a sign that you are taking on so many tasks or not effectively organizing your days. It is a matter of working intelligently and you need to learn to do this as a manager if you are to achieve success and reduce any stress. Additionally, it is important to find time to get away from your desk or office at specific times during the day. If you’re feeling stumped, the solution may well be to discuss the problem with someone who is more senior. In doing so you’ll learn from their experience and also knowing how to handle similar situations down the road.

Being a manager does demand fortitude, but you can learn to use stress as an opportunity to grow and thrive, by choosing what you focus on and by enlisting the help of other individuals when appropriate.


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